Upper Valley Rowing Foundation Hanover Connecticut River
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Requirements for all scullers (Captain's Test)

  • Remove the boat from the rack without damaging it or adjacent shells (either solo or with a partner)

  • Carry boat to the sculling dock

  • Put the boat in the water without hitting the skeg on the dock

  • Place oars in oar locks correctly

  • Get in to the boat

  • Launch the boat away from the middle of the dock without a helper

  • Row 100 strokes

  • Demonstrate ability to navigate and steer

  • Check the boat down without flipping

  • Turn boat around

  • Back the boat down

  • Land the boat without a helper

  • Remove oars and return boat to assigned rack facing in the correct direction

  • Describe the traffic pattern on the river including launching and landing pattern

  • Describe known water hazards

  • Describe unsafe weather conditions

  • Describe what to do if the boat flips

  • Describe rights of way and passing instructions

  • Describe how to handle powerboat wakes