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Virtual Erg Workouts!

UVRF is pleased to announce a spring series of virtual erg workouts!  Using zoom, Coach Linda Muri will hold 1-hour sessions M, W, and F at 6:30 AM from Monday March 23 through Friday, May 1.  There is no cost to join these sessions - they are a benefit of membership in UVRF.  So if you have not yet renewed your membership for 2020, what better time than now?!  Please contact uppervalleyrc@gmail.com for more infomation.

Workout information

CD - Cool Down

r - rest

SR - Stroke Rate

WU - Warm Up

‘ - minutes

“ - seconds

Workouts for Monday 4/6, Wednesday 4/8, and Friday 4/10

Monday - steady state/low intensity
WU during WO
4x (4’on, 1’paddle) SR20, 1’r, 18’ SR20/22 ea 2', 2’r, 5x (3’on, 1’paddle) SR20
Wednesday - medium and hard intensities
7-8 minutes WU at 6:30am followed by
5x 4x(2’/30”)2'r,  SR22/28 - 2' steady state, 30" hard
Friday - hard/high intensity
7-8' minute WU at 6:30am followed by
7x 5’, 2/2/1, 2.5’r, first 2 easy, next 5 the meat of the WO
1x SR20/22/24, 1x SR22/24/26, 3x SR24/26/28, 2x SR26/28/30

by posted 03/22/2020
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